Meet the Team

Wesley Grim Name: Wesley Grim
Position: Owner/Designer/Photographer
About: A typical day for Wesley would be waking up, saying hello to the world, getting ready, and turning on the computer. “Photography isn’t just a hobby, it’s a lifestyle.” In his spare time Wesley enjoys shooting photos of the world surrounding him, designing, and being with his girlfriend.
Twitter: @wesleygrim | Portfolio: Wesley Grim

Welcome to Act Naturally!

So maybe you were wondering what the big deal is behind Act Naturally. The big deal is that we are all about client satisfaction. There are no gimmicks or hidden fees behind our doors. We want to make sure from the time you send us a call or email to the time you are enjoying your finished product that things go smoothly. We will work on the project until you are completely satisfied with the final outcome. Our top goal is to make you stand out among your competition. Your success is our success.

On the photography end of things, while we’re helping to build your portfolio you are helping us build ours. During your photo shoot we just want you to remember one thing, “Act naturally”. That’s what we’re doing, so just follow our lead. We’ll carry a conversation with you like we’ve known you for years, just so you feel comfortable and at home. We’re pretty outgoing people, good sense of humor, but above all, we know how to be serious too. When it comes down to the business we know how to get right to it and
make ends meet.

There is talent all over the world, we’re offering our talent to you. Take it, use it, cherish it. We don’t live forever, but your finished products will last til the end of time.

Our Mission